This endpoint allows the sender to unpin content they previously uploaded to Pinata's IPFS nodes.




pinata_api_key: (put your personal pinata api key here)

pinata_secret_api_key: (put your personal pinata secret api key here)


Authorization: Bearer (put your pinata JWT here)

Request Parameters

hashToUnpin: (string) - The hash of the content you wish to have Pinata unpin from its nodes.


If the operation is successful, you will receive back an "OK" REST 200 status.

Postman Example

JavaScript With Axios Example

In the javascript example below, we pass in our API keys from elsewhere (hopefully in a secure way).

We also pass in the pin we wish to remove from Pinata and set it as the value for the "hashToUnpin" key in our request URL.

const axios = require('axios');
export const removePinFromIPFS = (pinataApiKey, pinataSecretApiKey, hashToUnpin) => {
const url = `https://api.pinata.cloud/pinning/unpin/${hashToUnpin}`;
return axios
.delete(url, {
headers: {
pinata_api_key: pinataApiKey,
pinata_secret_api_key: pinataSecretApiKey
.then(function (response) {
//handle response here
.catch(function (error) {
//handle error here

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