If you happen to use Raycast, a MacOS tool for boosting your productivity, Pinata has an extension you can download from the Extension Store!

Getting Started

In order to use this extension you will need a Pinata API Key JWT and a Dedicated Gateway, which are both included on the free plan! Here is a guide on making your API key, and here is where you can find your Dedicated Gateway domain.

You will also need to install Raycast to your computer which you can do by visit Raycast.

Next visit the Pinata Extension store page and click “Install Extension” in the top right.

Once installed you can try running it, and it should prompt you to add some details before using the extension. Paste in your Pinata API Key JWT from earlier, as well as the domain for your Dedicated Gateway. It should be in the format of https://mygateway.mypinata.cloud.

Uploading Files

To upload a file simply open Raycast and start tying “upload file” and you should see the Pinata command to upload. You can either upload a file or a folder! After selecting you can select the file and give it a name, then use Command + Enter to upload it.

Listing Files

You can also list your most recent files by opening Raycast and typing “list files.” This will return your most recent files where you can search for a CID or file name in particular, as well as:

  • Open the file in your web browser with enter
  • Copy the CID for the file with Command + Enter