Pinata Docs

What is Pinata?

We're so glad you asked. :)
Pinata is an NFT media management service that allows users to host, manage and share files of any kind on the blockchain of their choice. As an IPFS pinning service, we focus on giving both technical and non-technical creators a fast, easy, and reliable way to share content without limits.
For developers, Pinata is the easiest way to pin content to IPFS and build web3 applications without having to build and manage your own IPFS nodes. We do all the heavy lifting for you.
For creators, Pinata makes it easy to serve content at scale without any technical experience. We offer anyone the ability to start creating without having to worry about the technical side of web3 or IPFS right away.
That said, here is a quick breakdown of IPFS and “pinning” with links to some helpful blog posts in case you want to learn more.