The billing page is where you can upgrade your account, view your current usage, or make changes to your billing info.


Scrolling down to “Usage overview,” this is where you can view how much of your plan has been used in the month. Gateway Bandwidth and Requests are reset each month on your billing cycle date.

If you reach 80% percent of your usage available, then you will start to receive emails and warnings that you are close to running out of space. If you are on the Free plan, then your account will no longer be able to upload or use the Dedicated Gateway once your account has gone above the limit by 25%.

Payment Info

Clicking the ‘Manage Billing’ button will show you the current card in use and if it’s the default. If you want to remove a card, then you will need to add a new one first and set it as default before removing the old one.

Pinata currently only accepts standard debit and credit cards

Plan Selection

From the plan selection you can choose a plan that fits your need the most, whether that be upgrading or downgrading.

If you upgrade in the middle of a billing cycle, then you will only be charged the prorated amount

Paying with Crypto

This feature is currently in beta

If you wish to pay yearly you can sign up for a plan and pay for an entire year with crypto.

To do this select the “Pay Annually with Crypto” button from the billing page.

Paying with crypto is a beta feature that will require manual work on our end. If you’d like to proceed, then you will be taken to a checkout page where you can pay with USDC for an entire year. Once you have authorized the payment, we will manually approve this and send you an email. When you receive that email, then you’ll need to come back to the billing page and complete the process. We will still require a credit card on file in case your account has overages.

Currently paying with crypto accepts USDC on Ethereum Mainnet or Base!