Pinata has been at the forefront of IPFS since 2018, starting as a humble startup in Omaha Nebraska and growing to become the biggest IPFS provider in the Web3 space. Over the years we have helped empower builders and creators alike with NFTs and Web3 infrastructure with IPFS access through our APIs and SDKs, as well as making IPFS fast with Dedicated Gateways.

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“The Pinata team is amazing to work with. Features we talk about are quickly prioritized to launch which allows us to also build quickly. They provide us with awesome support.”

Karik Patel, Head of Partner Engineering at OpenSea

“It was super easy to connect Pinata with our platform. They bring more utility and features that help everyone create new experiences and their technology is always evolving with the needs of everyone in the space.”

Jordan Aitali, COO and Co-Founder at Niftables

“Pinata has eliminated all the complication of hosting content on IPFS which lets us develop things faster with more confidence. Using their APIs is as easy as developing in the web2 world with all the benefits that hosting content on IPFS provides. Our customers love being able to have custom NFT images which Pinata makes easy so we can focus on delivering best-in-class loyalty programs.”

Danny Franklin, KAZM CTO/Co-founder

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Not sure what to do now? Check out our Getting Started guide to jump into our API, or peek at our API Reference if you know what you’re looking for, or try out npx create-pinata-app in your terminal!

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