Farcaster is a decentralized social media protocol that runs on a combination of smart contracts on a blockchain and peer-to-peer servers called “Hubs.” It’s similar to other social media where you can have an account, follow other people, make posts, reply, and react to other’s posts. The primary difference is that it is a protocol and decentralized, meaning anyone can build their own interface/client on top of Farcaster. For instance, the most popular is Warpcast and acts as the default, but there is also Supercast which has special paid features and Tiles that is image focused.

Pinata has been watching and writing about Farcaster for a while now, but more recently has dedicated more resources to supporting the Farcaster network in the form of free and open Hubs that developers can use, as well as other tools to accelerate apps and Frames. We believe IPFS has the ability to increase the potential of media rich clients building on Farcaster, and we have the goal to make that seamless as possible.

For more information on the Farcaster protocol, check out their docs here. If you’re ready to start building check out our Hubs page or our Hub API Reference