List all currently running pinByHash jobs

When using the pinByHash endpoint, you may want to programmatically check on the status of CIDs you'd requested to be pinned to your account. This endpoint allows you to do so.

Listing Pin By CID Jobs

All possible filters are included in the API reference below, but these are the possible "status" filters:

  • "status" - Filter by the status of the job in the pinning queue (see potential statuses below)
    • "prechecking" - Pinata is running preliminary validations on your pin request.
    • "searching" - Pinata is actively searching for your content on the IPFS network. This may take some time if your content is isolated.
    • "retrieving" - Pinata has located your content and is now in the process of retrieving it.
    • "expired" - Pinata wasn't able to find your content after a day of searching the IPFS network. Please make sure your content is hosted on the IPFS network before trying to pin again.
    • "over_free_limit" - Pinning this object would put you over the free tier limit. Please add a credit card to continue pinning content.
    • "over_max_size" - This object is too large of an item to pin. If you're seeing this, please contact us for a more custom solution.
    • "invalid_object" - The object you're attempting to pin isn't readable by IPFS nodes. Please contact us if you receive this, as we'd like to better understand what you're attempting to pin.
    • "bad_host_node" - You provided a host node that was either invalid or unreachable. Please make sure all provided host nodes are online and reachable.
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