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Regions and Replications

More is always better

For users looking for extra redundancy and speed, Pinata allows you to replicate your content on multiple nodes and in multiple regions.

Benefits of multiple replications

When retrieving content from IPFS, that content first has to be "found" on the network.
The more IPFS nodes replicating a piece of content, the faster that content can be found by other nodes on the network.
Multiple replications are especially helpful for applications that have users running their own IPFS nodes directly from their devices. These user nodes are typically less connected to the IPFS network as a whole and therefore can have a hard time finding content quickly if that content isn't widely available.
In other words, replicating your content on multiple nodes will often result in faster content discovery times for your users.

Benefits of multiple regions

For companies with a global customer base, it's important to make sure that all of your customers can get content quickly.
By letting you replicate content in multiple regions, Pinata allows you to move your content closer to the end-user.
This means faster retrieval times and a better user experience for users living in regions you've replicated to.
Don't see an area of the world you need? Let us know at [email protected]!

How do I tell Pinata how many replications I want for each region?

Pinata lets users choose how their content is replicated through what's known as a "Pin Policy".
A user's pin policy tells Pinata how many times content should be replicated, and where that content should be replicated at.
To change the pin policy for your account, visit your Account page.

Can I set a unique pin policy for each piece of content?

You sure can. Each of our pinning API endpoints allows users to provide a custom pin policy that will be used instead of their account's default pin policy for that individual piece of content.
If you want to change a piece of content's pin policy after upload, you can also do so using the hashPinPolicy endpoint.

How are additional replications priced?

Replications are priced the same as normal storage. Every 1GB of replications counts as an additional 1GB stored per month. So 1GB replicated in two different regions, or 1GB replicated twice in the same region, would count as 2GB stored per month.

What regions are currently available?

Pinata currently has two regions available for public usage:
  • FRA1 - Frankfurt, Germany (max 2 replications)
  • NYC1 - New York City, USA (max 2 replications)

What if I need additional regions or replications?

Pinata offers additional regions and replications for enterprise customers.
For more information regarding enterprise offerings, reach out to us at [email protected]!

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