Pinata Docs

Pinning your first file with Pinata

To get started, go ahead and log in to your Pinata account, where you will see your account dashboard:
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Once you’re on your dashboard, you’ll be given the choice to upload a File, Folder, or CID (Content Identifier).
  • File: Pinata allows you to upload any type of file including image files, video files, music files, text files, apps—anything you can imagine.
  • Folder: You can upload an entire folder of content that you want to store and manage, including a collection of marketplace assets like videos, images or app files.
  • CID: A content Identifier (also referred to as a CID) is a unique string of letters and numbers which represents a piece of data, and in the case of NFTs, proves that the NFT is really yours. A CID cannot be changed once in the IPFS network without changing the content attached to the CID as well. Learn more about pinning CIDs here.
Choose what you would like to upload, give it a name, and press upload. (Note: You’ll be able to edit the name later)
Once your file has successfully been uploaded, you will receive this message at the top of your screen.
Voila! Your file is now uploaded to IPFS. It will be stored right on your Pinata dashboard for easy access.
Once your file is pinned, then you have a few options of what to do next from your dashboard. Let’s look into a few.