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Tools & Features

All the tools you need to build with ease.
If you're a more advanced user or you have a technical background, our Medium blog has detailed tutorials like How to Share 3D Models with IPFS, Streaming Video Through IPFS Gateways, or Resizing Images with Pinata’s Optimization Tools.
Before you explore, let’s look into the rest of the tools and features available to you as a Pinata user.

NFT Media Management

Pinata makes creating, storing, and sharing web3 content fast, easy, and secure.

Fast and secure IPFS uploads

When uploading your content to IPFS, Pinata aims to give our users the fastest and most secure process for uploading projects and content.

Built-in CDN

With over 200 server locations around the world, Pinata's built-in CDN (content delivery network) lets you serve content in less time than it takes to load a YouTube video.

Efficient Support

We have an incredible support team ready to help you tackle any issues you might encounter. Contact our support team here.

Dedicated Gateways

A dedicated gateway allows you to request your content faster from IPFS nodes saving bandwidth and time. You can customize your gateway with your own branded domain, so your brand stays consistent across all your shared media. Looking to set up your own Dedicated Gateway? Learn how to here.

Submarining (Unlockable Content)

With submarining, you can share unlockable content with your community, whenever & however you want. Submarining comes with every paid plan on Pinata. You can set it up in two ways, with the API for devs or with for non-technical creatives. Want to learn how to Submarine your own content? Read more about Submarining in this Pinata blog.

Rich Previews

Get the most out of your social feed, by sharing content with capturing previews. Built-in rich preview capabilities for individual files allow you to brand and share your NFTs on Twitter, Discord, Telegram, or wherever your community likes to meet. Interested in learning more about Rich Previews? Check out this blog post here.
We know some links can get pretty lengthy sometimes. With a built-in URL shortener, you can make your links shorter and easier to share across a variety of different platforms. Read more about short links and their purpose here.

Video Optimization

Let your audience enjoy your video content, exactly how you intended them to see it. Built-in video optimization gives you the ability to serve the best video format and size for your content. So your content no longer needs to fit the format of Web2 platforms.

Image Optimization

Never sacrifice the quality of your images again! With Pinata’s image optimization you can bet on always having the highest quality of your images available to share and view instantly. Check out more on image optimization here!

A Growing Community

At Pinata, we understand that it takes a village to make most projects happen. We are focused on growing a community of like-minded individuals who want to learn and grow with us. Check out our Discord and Twitter to hop in some of our conversations today!

Learning Resources

Depending on where you are in your learning journey, Pinata has resources available to expand your knowledge and answer any questions you might have. Starting here with our Pinata Docs is a great first step! Check out Pinata's Tech blog and our company blog too to further your learning.